Docker is a great tool to make deployment and testing systems while keeping things clean. The code for this project is here, the code for this tutorial is in the same repository.

Hello Docker

So what is Docker? Docker itself is a platform, but we care about the Docker containers. So a Docker container is a lightweight execution environment for running code in a “sealed” environment. This means, its a fake computer that lives inside another computer that runs code without having to share configurations.

This means that we can run our backend, database, model and frontend as containers without having problems…

Hello, we are going to make a web application to make recommend movies. In this application a user will be able to write the title of a movie or more and the application will return a list of movies as a recommendation. Making this project you will learn how to make a movie recommendation engine, a REST API and a front-end reactive application. This tutorial will be divided into several parts so you can learn what you want. The code for the project is here.

This article is made to give you an idea of what are we going to…

Svelte ( is a great JavaScript framework for creating reactive web applications. For this tutorial we are going to make a Single Page Application (SPA), in other words, everything the user can interact is in a single page. Since some applications can use more than one page, we will make a empty page so you can know how to make more pages. Big disclaimer time, I’m not a JavaScript developer, so this code might not be the greatest code ever, but it works and that is what matters. Most of what I learned of Svelte I learned from this tutorial

The type of recommendation engine we are going to create is a collaborative filter. The data we are going to use to feed our model is the MovieLens Dataset, this is a public dataset that has information of viewers and movies. The code for this model is based on this tutorial from Keras. The code for this tutorial can be found here and for the whole project here.

How does collaborative filtering works

The idea behind a collaborative filtering model is to use data from two sources, in this case users reviews and user watch history, to find users with similar taste. …

FastAPI is a backend framework for Python, just like Flask or Django (more Flask than Django). This framework makes it really easy to create and test endpoints, since it abstract a lot of complicated parts of REST API. This has its pros and cons, mostly ease of use in exchange with configurability. All code for the backend can be found here. All code for the project can be found here.

What is a REST API?

An API (application programming interface) is an interface that defines how many one program can interact with another program, based on rules and definitions (source). A REST (REprestentational State Transfer)…

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